Recap on past two weeks

We have gotten SE 35th and Hawthorne space to a pretty good place and keeping up with it. Regular work party 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 12(noon).

SE 24 and Ankeny is now mostly cleared out thanks to a get turn out for Max Rameau visit to work party. Max shared the community work he is doing in Miami, Fl with his group Take Back the Land( Truly inspiring forward visioning and action on the relationship between humans and land.

SE 24 and Ankeny: Regular work party 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 12(noon).

New picture of both site to come soon.

We have been getting a flood of people wanting to get involved and people in communities that have land and know of vacant land that could be used for creating gardens and healthy gathering spaces.

So we are going to start a project similar to yardshare or collaborate with them on it. Our current issue is yardshare does not differentiate between public and private spaces(ie. backyard gardens). Also little documentation of current status.

We would like a tool for use to basically approve a new site with a few details met for space and connection to people maintaining space.
Through this process we hope to be able to add more spaces more rapidly.

We are also going to work on volunteer intake so:
Asking some stuff like this

area of city:
best hours:
knowledge of gardening?



  1. Ghost said

    We have some stuff ready to go in the ground. Any word on the layout plans? I’d be down with working the 24th and Ankeny site many other days than just every other Saturday. I’m usually only busy on tuesdays/thursdays with school all day.

  2. “knowledge of gardening?” seems like a tricky question, and one that will generate varied responses. Some people who know gardening but are humble will undersell their abilities and vice versa.

    if i remember my survey class, you might want to think more about what specific information you want to get.

    carry on green thumb bretheren

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