Busy Summer

So it’s been three months since I last updated the blog. Guess it’s hard to spend time blogging when there’s so much to do.

Also if you didn’t know it was a hot summer.

Current status of spaces we have been involved with are:

SE 35 and Hawthorne lot is doing great with lots of produce including corn, onions, garlic, basil, loveage, zucchini, and more. The fruit trees and grapes we planted are all doing well getting established. Work days are currently on Weds, but best to contact Skye Blue on that.

Space produced A LOT of Peas in the Spring.

Here’s a neat pararama of the space taken in July



  1. peggy said

    i have no idea who, if anyone ever, reads this site. i see little activity, unless i’ve just not found it.
    there’s mention on a related site about setting up free boxes. i periodically put one out at the front of where i live, but the space isn’t secure (manager regularly sees it as trash and puts all in dumpster).
    will someone please let me know where the nearest one or several nearest se 25th & e ash st? i’m unable to walk very far.

    • sepdxfoodnotlawns said

      Your right, we are not really into the internet and more into working outside. SE 24th and Ankeny is closest to you. -Brian

  2. ulysses said

    I’d like to help out but i don’t know when you guys work on the gardens

    • sepdxfoodnotlawns said

      Read the blog.

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